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openSDK is a free open-source implementation of Sony's OPEN-R Development Kit. It aims to compile and run code that uses that API on a normal PC, to improve the development cycle time. In a longer term, we would also like to develop a code emulator (no code recompilation necessary, using qemu or other MIPS emulator), and a higher level library (with walk, run, etc.. primitives) to reduce the high learning curve of this platform. Another important thing of this project will be writing comprehensive documentation for OPEN-R.

Currently we are already able to compile Sony's examples and run most of them. The process is not complicated and some documentation exists in the sources dir (TECH_NOTES) and below. However there is still much work to do, like writing documentation (really important) and completing the function stubs (a complete list of the tasks can be found in the TODO file in the sources dir). This project can help the Robocup teams developing the code much faster, so if you are willing to help, please write to the developer's mailing list.

Connecting openSDK to a simulator is also supported. At this time only USARSim is supported, because it is a great simulator.




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OPEN-R is a trademark or a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.